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Takeout Ordering Policy

Takeout Ordering Policy

Gulf Shores does not currently utilize on-line ordering or a delivery service. 

All orders must be either made in person or called in to the restaurant that will prepare your food for your pickup. 

Gulf Shores does not have a mandatory service or gratuity fee. However, any gratuity that is given is deeply appreciated. 

As all of our restaurants can be very busy, we urge you to call the restaurant to ensure that takeout service has not been suspended. Evening takeout service can vary by location. However, the following policies are currently in place at all locations:

  • Takeout service may be suspended at at ALL locations on Friday and Saturday after 4pm OR any time that the wait time for dine-in customers exceeds 45 minutes.
  • Credit Payment required on all call-in orders
  • Takeout orders can only be placed one hour prior to the scheduled pickup. 
  • While we double check all of our takeout orders, we kindly request that you also check your order prior to leaving the restaurant. Takeout refunds will only be granted, if food not prepared to your liking is returned. Photo pictures are not accepted.