Desserts Menu

Homemade desserts to satisfy your cravings

  • Mama’s Bread Pudding
    Assorted sweet breads, mixed with a delicious blend of cream, vanilla and raisins.Covered with a tasty vanilla cream sauce and caramel.
  • Peach, Apple Or Blueberry Cobbler
    Peaches, Blueberries, or Apples, mixed with sweet bread chunks, topped with our cinnamon and spice crust. Served warm with vanilla ice cream.
  • Gulf Shores’ Authentic Homemade Key Lime Pie
    Gulf Shores’ signature dessert. Made with authentic key lime juice and a graham cracker crust. Creamy, tart and refreshing. There is none better…anywhere!
  • Bourbon Street Chocolate Pecan Pie
    Loaded with goodness, including pecan and chocolate, in our own recipe. We warm is just a tad…then add whipped cream and drizzle with dark chocolate. The ultimate dessert.
  • Gulf Shores’ "Chocoholic" Triple Chocolate Cake
    Made from scratch with dark chocolate, blended with chocolate chip layers and then topped with rich and creamy dark chocolate icing. Soooo good!
  • CAFE DU MONDE Authentic Beignets
    N’Awlins renowned French donut. Fried to a golden brown and smothered in powdered sugar. Served hot.
  • Banana Pudding Cheesecake
    Homemade banana pudding together with homemade cheesecake topped with fl uffy egg-white icing baked to a golden brown. So Southern…So Good!
  • Homemade Dessert of the Month
    Please ask your server.

Dessert Feature – You will never want to miss our dessert feature. Call ahead to inquire. We change it quite often. Features like: Red Velvet Cheesecake, Lemon Pound Cake w/ Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Strawberry Cake, Mama’s Carrot Cake, Sweet Potato Cheesecake, Dad’s Favorite German Chocolate Cake….and More. Always Homemade Fresh!